YouTube Music has a pesky censorship bug on Nest Hubs; here’s how to bypass it

My wife got me a Google Nest Hub for Christmas this year, and I am a big fan. I keep it in the kitchen and jam out to some music while we cook food. It’s loud enough to use when we’re in the adjacent living room and dining room as well. So, it came as a surprise to me when one day, it randomly stopped playing music through YouTube Music. I checked to see what was happening and saw a sensitive content warning on the display.

I couldn’t get it to go away and play the song. I couldn’t even skip that problematic song. All I could do is go back, which just goes back to the home screen and awaits further instructions. After testing, and asking the internet, I found a way to bypass it. However, it’s not a very good system. Let’s discuss the issue and how to bypass it.


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