Mining Automation Systems

Mining Automation and the need for innovations towards autonomous mining

SUB4FIN offers the most advanced mining automation and teleoperation systems in the industry. Our solutions significantly improve productivity and safety while lowering the total cost of ownership. The software systems help you monitor your machines, giving you a full overview of your fleet and enabling you to control and optimize your operations.

The implementation of automated mining equipment offers a range of benefits at all levels of business. The most impactful of these is safety, one of SUB4FIN’s vital focuses and of utmost importance in the mining industry.

Automation is currently available across a number of SUB4FIN products for underground and surface mining applications.

Due in part to the very harsh conditions, mining has lagged other sectors as far as technology and automation is concerned. SUB4FIN’s experience in areas such as oil and gas, automotive, and pulp and paper brings a deep understanding of how challenges can be overcome, and allows the creation of a vision and a technology road map for the future of mining.

The journey towards autonomous mining

SUB4FIN has been at the forefront of automating mining technologies – such as ultra-long-distance conveying and super-sized processing plant technologies – necessary to drive major physical infrastructure improvements.

SUB4FIN has pioneered some of the exciting technological advances in mining control systems. Automation best practices can be efficiently re-used enabling fast track delivery, like recently done in Rwanda. SUB4FIN is a leader in the design and development of remote operations centers.

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