Updated SnowPro Core Certification Announcement—What to Expect

The SnowPro Core Certification demonstrates an individual’s knowledge to apply core expertise implementing and migrating to Snowflake. This certification validates a candidate’s understanding of Snowflake and how it can be used to drive business objectives. The SnowPro Core Certification has been generally available to all customers since September 2019. Snowflake continues to evolve as new features and functionalities are routinely developed. These types of innovations and best practices will be reflected in the updated English version of the exam to be released on September 6, 2022 (the Japanese version will be updated shortly thereafter).

If you are currently certified and wondering how this change will impact you as an individual, please know you will not need to take the new version of the exam to maintain your certification status and digital badge. Rather, you will follow the recertification exam procedures two years after you originally passed the exam. The exam formats for both certifications remain the same:

If you are currently studying and wondering how this change will impact you as a learner, please review the content changes to know what to expect in the updated version. Overall, the number of domains remains the same but have been revised and reorganized for clarification and modernization purposes. A few of the task objectives have been eliminated from the updated content outline as they covered topics that were either already sufficiently covered in other areas of the blueprint or are no longer relevant. The alignment and weightings for the main content domains from both exam blueprints are listed for comparison purposes below:

The target audience for the SnowPro Core Certification is mostly composed of solution architects, data engineers, database administrators, data scientists, and data analysts but any candidate with at least six months of knowledge using Snowflake is encouraged to take this exam. Core Certification holders with at least two years or more of hands-on Snowflake practitioner experience are encouraged to attempt one of the SnowPro advanced certifications. Being SnowPro Core Certified is a prerequisite for all advanced exams. 

For exam preparedness, please review our recommended steps to success:

  1. Review Core Exam Guide
  2. Download the Core Exam Study Guide
  3. Check Out the Paid On-Demand Exam Prep Course
  4. Review Exam Registration Instructions and Register

You may find additional resources from our training portal. There you can browse through all our current offerings, but we recommend the Snowflake Fundamentals 4-day instructor-led virtual class. This training course covers the fundamental concepts, design considerations, and best practices intended for key stakeholders who will be working in our Snowflake platform. The course will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and labs on a wide range of foundational topics.

Haven’t made up your mind on getting certified with us yet? Check out what other #SnowPros have recently shared about the value of attaining our certification and how they prepared for our exams.  

For any questions regarding SnowPro Certifications, please submit a ticket

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