The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 convinced me that clamshells are the best foldables

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 in hand closed up

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Opinion post by
Ryan Haines

The future is foldable — at least if Samsung has anything to say about it. I’ve spent plenty of time with the company’s Galaxy Z lineup, and I’m inclined to agree. They haven’t reached their final forms yet, but the Fold and Flip series are the most fun I’ve had with a pair of devices in a long time. A year later, I’m still reaching for Samsung’s pocket-friendly foldable when I switch phones, and it hasn’t lost any of its charm. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 might not be perfect, but it’s enough to convince me that clamshells are the best foldable phones on the market.

How is it holding up? Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 six months later


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