T-Mobile Phone Freedom adds new plans, gets really confusing (Updated)

  • The latest Uncarrier move is known as T-Mobile Phone Freedom.
  • T-Mobile will add two Go5G plans to its roster that are nearly identical to the current Magenta plans.
  • Phone Freedom also includes a few other changes, including better perks for those who switch from AT&T.

Update, April 20, 2023 (02:30 PM ET): In the original article below, we erroneously said that T-Mobile’s new plans — Go5G, Go5G Plus, and Essentials Savings — would replace existing plans Magenta, Magenta Max, and Essentials, respectively. However, this is not true. T-Mobile is offering these new plans alongside the older plans. That means customers can choose between Magenta and Go5G, Magenta Max and Go5G Plus, and Essentials and Essentials Savings, despite how similar the plans all are.

For example, Essentials Savings is exactly the same as Essentials, but $10 cheaper. Go5G Plus has a few more notable upgrades over Magenta Max but for the same price. So why would anyone sign up for Magenta Max?


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