Spotify’s ‘Niche Mixes’ feature lets you create playlists with just a few words

nothing ear 2 buds with spotify

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority
  • Spotify has launched a new feature called Niche Mixes.
  • The feature allows users to create personalized playlists with just a few words.
  • Mixes are updated daily.

A big part of the Spotify experience is getting recommendations and discovering new artists. To this, the company offers what it calls Spotify Mixes that include categories like Genre Mixes, Decade Mixes, and more. It seems Spotify has now added a new tool to Mixes that will let users create their own personalized playlist.

Today, Spotify announced in a blog post that it is expanding Mixes by launching a new feature called Niche Mixes. According to the company, Niche Mixes will allow users to create customized mixes based on just a few words of description.


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