Snowflake Ventures Invests in Omni to Empower Self-Service Business Intelligence and Data Modeling

We’re excited to announce Snowflake Ventures has invested in Omni Analytics. The Omni Platform expands the analytics capabilities of the AI Data Cloud and allows customers to extract more value from their data, faster. Omni combines the flexibility and speed of modern business intelligence (BI) and embedded analytics with the governance and consistency of traditional data modeling tools. This balance allows users to explore, visualize, and model data efficiently without the typical trade-offs between data freedom and organizational control.

Omni supports a variety of data exploration methods, including point-and-click interfaces, Excel functions, SQL, and natural language tools — allowing users to answer their own questions and create shared understanding and trust.

Omni’s built-in semantic model helps data teams quickly build enterprise data applications. Being able to validate metric definitions allows users to improve the accuracy of models to produce trustworthy results, which is essential for enterprise AI use cases.

The co-founders of Omni Analytics, CEO Colin Zima, President Jamie Davidson, and CTO Christopher Merrick have spent a decade building data products, such as Looker and Stitch. They bring a wealth of experience in business intelligence, semantic layers, cloud data management, and customer-first support. With the investment from Snowflake Ventures, Omni Analytics is developing a version of its product that will be available as a Native App in the Snowflake Marketplace. 

We look forward to the enhanced capabilities this closer partnership will provide for our customers.

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