Snowflake Partner Network Shines at Summit 2022

The swell of momentum and enthusiasm building for this year’s Snowflake Summit is palpable, and I’m guessing you feel it, too. Not only do we get to gather—yes, gather—in person this year at Caesar’s Conference Center in Las Vegas on June 13-16, but due to the upheaval of the past two years, some of our partners will be meeting us, customers, and each other face-to-face for the first time. Wow. 

And there is no end to what we can talk about. It’s been about two years since we launched the Snowflake Partner Network (SPN), and it’s grown quickly and scaled over this past year to become one of the most talented and engaged partner networks I’ve ever seen. With SPN, we provide a repeatable and scalable way for partners to engage with us, but it’s more than that; along with our partners we are re-envisioning what a partner program can be. In fact, the SPN has become an incredible “Snowflake on Snowflake” story as we use data sharing, AI, reverse ETL, and machine learning to power the partner experience. Together, we explore growing the Data Cloud ecosystem that can drive unprecedented value for customers. 

Since we gathered virtually last year, we’ve opened up two additional routes to market, our Data Provider program and Powered by Snowflake™. Our Powered by Snowflake™ program brings developers into the mix in a meaningful way. We began to recognize that more and more of our customers were developing apps that run on Snowflake. With this program we’ve created a route to market to tap the full power of different data sets in a way that recognizes customers as partners, and partners as people we sell with—not just through. As I like to say, this is not your mother’s partner program!

As broader sets of data become available, Snowflake is in a position to securely gain insight across the growing ecosystem and extend that insight to our customers and partners. It’s really exciting to be living through the open data era McKinsey called out years ago—in 2013 they predicted that access to public information and secure, highly governed private data sharing would unlock a $3 trillion annual market opportunity.

It’s getting hard to find a customer that isn’t developing some kind of app that runs on Snowflake. We’ve leaned quite heavily into industries—HCLS, financial, media, retail, etc.—so that together we can best leverage data for deep, actionable insight and solve more customers’ problems. 

With our partners we are very focused on consulting based on real models of data consumption and are building out, I believe, the best post-sales experience on the planet. I’m also really proud of how our sellers embrace working with partners so that it’s more of a selling with motion than a reseller program or simply a procurement vehicle. And we’re growing our tech partner space—this year we added Dell and Pure Storage among others—and that means more far-reaching and stable edges for our Data Cloud ecosystem. 

We are growing our marketplace of applications that run on Snowflake, which not only increases revenue opportunity for our services sellers but helps them to drive incredible value. We are starting to see real network effects across the ecosystem; we have seen some of our partners realize $5-$10 for every dollar contracted for Snowflake, so the ecosystem opportunity is growing massively! As years go on, we’re only seeing greater value and opportunity for ourselves, our partners, and the expanding network of joint customers. Synergies are aligning and the network effects can be huge.

We have come a long way since launching the SPN program, and we are eager to continue to deliver a first-class and innovative program to our partner ecosystem. 

We will be unveiling the innovations and enhancements to the SPN program on June 13 in Vegas to thousands of people during our Partner Summit. That alone is already a significant milestone for us—our last in-person Partner Summit in 2019 drew about 150 people and could fit in our lunchroom!

This year’s Snowflake Summit will have over 2,000 people from 200 partner organizations participating from all types of programs—Services, Technology, Cloud, Data, and Powered by Snowflake—with over 100 partner presentations on the agenda and 150 of them with a booth presence in the expo hall.

Hope to see you there!

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