Snowflake Native App Framework Now Generally Available on AWS and Azure

Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of the Snowflake Native App Framework on AWS and Azure!

We’ve seen incredible momentum around Snowflake Native Apps. More than 90 Snowflake Native Apps are currently available in Snowflake Marketplace. You can purchase, install and run Snowflake Native Apps—ranging from connectors to clean rooms—directly in your Snowflake account.  

The Snowflake Native App Framework represents a revolutionary approach to building and distributing apps. Because Snowflake Native Apps run within the customer’s Snowflake account, the customer doesn’t need to move or copy their data, which increases security and helps maintain governance controls. 

Builders who have made their Snowflake Native Apps available in Snowflake Marketplace are seeing accelerated time to market and revenue growth. Here are a few examples:

  • “Snowflake Native Apps empower software service providers like MDO to seamlessly deploy applications directly within Snowflake,”” says Patrick Howerter, Co-Founder and CEO of My Data Outlet (MDO). “This streamlined approach facilitates smooth delivery to our customers without the need for extensive coordination with clients’ various departments. We successfully onboarded several large hedge funds and asset managers, bringing us close to achieving an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $1 million within a year of launching our Snowflake Native App. Looking ahead, we project significant growth in 2024.” Check out MDO on Snowflake Marketplace.
  • “We launched our Financial & Economic Essentials Snowflake Native App and we think this is just the beginning,” says Alexander Izydorczyk, Founder and CEO of Cybersyn, a Snowflake affiliate. “We are super excited about it because it’s another content set we can distribute and monetize through Snowflake Marketplace.” Browse Cybersyn’s data products on Snowflake Marketplace.  
  • “Maxa’s mission is to reinvent the way ERP insights are made and consumed. Maxa is built on the Snowflake Native App Framework, with an accessible Streamlit UI — effortlessly scaling while ensuring security, auditability and governance of insights,” says Raphael Steinman, Co-CEO of Maxa. “Since the launch of Snowflake Native Apps in June 2023, Maxa has doubled its business in just a few months,” adds Alexis Steinman, Co-CEO of Maxa. Check out Maxa on Snowflake Marketplace.
  • “We are able to attract a new type of customer, and leads are able to sign up for a trial version of our Snowflake Native App seamlessly from within Snowflake Marketplace,” says Sean Graber, Head of Search at Mapbox. “This self-service approach has been really exciting and is changing the way we are thinking about going to market.” Explore Mapbox’s data products on Snowflake Marketplace.

Resources to start building your own Snowflake Native App

We’re continuing to expand the capabilities of the Snowflake Native App Framework. With support for Snowpark Container Services (integration currently in private preview), developers can build next-level apps by bringing in their own technologies and platforms through containerized workloads and app code, to be packaged and executed directly within a Snowflake Native App. Check out the following resources to help you build, operate and go to market with your own Snowflake Native App. 

Developer resources

Builder stories

We are eager to see the various apps and use cases that the Snowflake Native App Framework will inspire. Join Powered by Snowflake, a program that helps you build, market and operate your applications. For startups building Snowflake Native Apps, check out the Powered by Snowflake Funding Program,* which intends to invest up to $100 million in innovative apps in the Data Cloud.

* The “Powered by Snowflake Funding Program” is a program designed to drive awareness and creation of Snowflake Native Apps. Snowflake does not receive any compensation from the startups or the venture capital firms for their participation in the program. While the participating venture capital firms may invest in the startup companies, Snowflake plays no role in their decision-making process, and there is no guarantee that any particular company will receive funding through the program or that the target amount will be invested. Snowflake is not a registered broker-dealer, investment adviser, or other similar intermediary.

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