Snowflake invests in Reka, Further Expanding LLM capabilities in the Data Cloud

As enterprises begin to leverage generative AI to transform their businesses, Snowflake is committed to helping our customers unlock the value of their enterprise data with the power of Large Language Models (LLMs).

As part of this initiative, today we’re excited to announce our investment and partnership with Reka, a builder of purpose-built generative models for the enterprise.

We believe a successful AI strategy depends on a solid data strategy, with the ability for teams to operate on business ready data within a secure, scalable environment. That puts Snowflake users at a unique advantage, with access to powerful AI technologies right where their data lives, protected by the Data Cloud’s built-in governance and security.

This investment continues our efforts to provide the capabilities developers need to build AI based applications and maximize the value of their data. Through this partnership, Snowflake customers will be able to bring Reka’s leading multimodal assistant to their data, with the ability to run and fine-tune it all within their Snowflake account.
To learn more about our plans for Reka and generative AI, be sure to check out the Snowflake Summit 2023 keynotes live or on-demand here.

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