Snowflake Invests in Observe to Expand Observability in the Data Cloud

As organizations seek to drive more value from their data, observability plays a vital role in ensuring the performance, security and reliability of applications and pipelines while helping to reduce costs. At Snowflake, we aim to provide developers and engineers with the best possible observability experience to monitor and manage their Snowflake environment.

One of our partners in this area is Observe, which offers a SaaS observability product that is built and operated on the Data Cloud. We’re excited to announce today that Snowflake Ventures is making an investment in Observe to significantly expand the observability experience we provide for our customers.

Following the investment, Observe plans to develop best-in-class observability features that will help our customers monitor and manage their Snowflake environments even more effectively. Solutions such as out-of-the-box dashboards and new visualizations will empower developers and engineers to accelerate their work and troubleshoot problems more quickly and easily.

In addition, because Observe is built on the Data Cloud, our customers will have the option to keep their observability data within their Snowflake account instead of sending it out to a third-party provider. This further simplifies and enhances their data governance by allowing them to keep more of their data within the secure environment of their Snowflake account.

Observe is an example of how more companies are building and operating SaaS applications on the Data Cloud. By doing so, these companies gain access to our scalable infrastructure and powerful analytics while being able to offer a more advanced and differentiated experience to Snowflake customers.

We will continue to expand the signals we provide for developers and engineers to manage, monitor and troubleshoot their workloads in the Data Cloud. Our partnerships with companies like Observe help turn signals into actionable insights that are presented in compelling and innovative ways.

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