Simplify Data Integration With Informatica’s Snowflake Native App

Leading companies around the world rely on Informatica data management solutions to manage and integrate data across various platforms from virtually any data source and on any cloud. Now, Informatica customers in the Snowflake ecosystem have an even easier way to integrate data to and from the Snowflake Data Cloud.  

Informatica’s Enterprise Data Integrator, a Snowflake Native App currently in public preview, facilitates the high-speed replication of enterprise data into Snowflake and brings the full breadth and depth of Informatica’s capabilities into a single interface. “Informatica’s Snowflake Native App is really about meeting our customers where they are,” says Rik Tamm-Daniels, Global VP of Ecosystems and Technology at Informatica. “It’s another channel for us to bring our cloud technology directly to the point where the customer needs it and give them the choice to work with the building blocks they want, all within Snowflake.”

Simplicity and speed 

Typically, users would employ cloud mass ingestion or change data capture through Informatica to integrate data, which involves logging into different user interfaces. Now, they can access the full set of capabilities of Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) platform through a single drag-and-drop interface. Enterprise Data Integrator is fueled by Informatica Superpipe for Snowflake, which enables up to 3.5x faster ingestion and replication into Snowflake. 

Snowflake Native Apps help app providers deliver value to customers quickly, and Enterprise Data Integrator is no exception. Designed to be simple to install and use, it allows customers to leverage Superpipe and access the full power of the IDMC platform without ever having to leave the Snowflake interface. Data engineers and analysts can discover all the components they need for their projects, provision them, and evaluate them without having to set up different tools or navigate multiple layers of approvals.

“The user experience for the Enterprise Data Integrator is a really simple wizard-driven interface for moving high volumes of data,” says Tamm-Daniels. “It’s a few steps and a no-code experience, and it’s super easy to use. Just connect, select the data that you want to bring into Snowflake, and set up replication. You can access and analyze data with unprecedented performance and latency.”

Seamless integration

ERP and CRM systems are notoriously difficult to connect to, especially for large enterprises that may have multiple systems in play. But today’s data-driven processes and demands for high velocity require accessing ERP and CRM data in a fast and timely manner. With the Enterprise Data Integrator, users can quickly access and analyze critical enterprise data in the Data Cloud without having to move data, and bi-directionally integrate data to and from the Snowflake Data Cloud with other key enterprise data applications and databases, such as Oracle and SAP. The Informatica Enterprise Data Integrator’s seamless integration capabilities come from Superpipe, which leverages Snowflake’s Snowpipe Streaming and Informatica’s Cloud Data Integration Platform & Engineering. 

Accelerated time to insights and AI

Access to timely insights is a key competitive differentiator in any market. With faster, more informed insights, business leaders can make better decisions. As a Snowflake Native App, Enterprise Data Integrator’s accessibility and ease of use means customers can start taking action on their data sooner—speeding time to insights and value. It also makes it easier for companies to leverage Informatica’s AI capabilities, which enable users to automate and optimize a wide range of data management tasks. Informatica’s CLAIRE (Cloud-scale AI-powered Real-time Intelligence Engine) is the driving force behind the IDMC platform, which users access through Enterprise Data Integrator. The IDMC also offers robust data governance features including predictive data intelligence, data lineage and data access management.

What’s next for Informatica’s Snowflake Native App?

“I think the sky’s the limit in terms of where we can go with Enterprise Data Integrator,” says Tamm-Daniels, noting that it’s giving a whole new set of customers exposure to Informatica’s cloud-native data management capabilities. “We’re also looking at what else we can start to bring to the Snowflake Native App experience from our data management suite, so we can provide more entry points through Snowflake Native Apps and Snowflake Marketplace.”

Check out a demo of Informatica Enterprise Data Integrator here.

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