Scammers are using AI voices to steal millions by impersonating loved ones

HUAWEI P40 Pro Talking on the phone

  • AI voice-generating software is allowing scammers to mimic the voice of loved ones.
  • These impersonations have led to people being scammed out of $11 million over the phone in 2022.
  • The elderly make up a majority of those who are targeted.

AI has been a central topic in the tech world for a while now, as Microsoft continues to infuse its products with ChatGPT and Google attempts to keep up by pushing out its own AI products. While AI has the potential to do some genuinely impressive stuff — like generating images based on a single line of text — we’re starting to see more of the downside of the barely regulated technology. The latest example of this is AI voice generators being used to scam people out of their money.

AI voice generation software has been making a lot of headlines as of late, mostly for stealing the voices of voice actors. Initially, all that was required was a few sentences for the software to convincingly reproduce the sound and tone of the speaker. The technology has since evolved to the point where just a few seconds of dialogue is enough to accurately mimic someone.


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