Samsung announces brand new Freestyle projector at CES 2023

samsung freestyle 2023

Credit: Samsung
  • Samsung has announced the 2023 version of The Freestyle portable projector.
  • The short throw projector includes three lasers and features such as Edge Blending, where you can combine images from two projectors into one.
  • There’s no word yet on a release date or price for The FreeStyle 2023.

At CES 2022, Samsung announced The Freestyle, a portable projector with a circular design that could project images on a wall, a table, or even on a ceiling. It also had the same operating system inside Samsung’s smart TVs for streaming Netflix, Disney Plus, and more. The reviews of this projector were a bit mixed, as many reviewers thought that other portable projectors had more features at a smaller cost. Samsung didn’t let that deter it. At CES 2023, Samsung announced the Freestyle 2023, a redesigned version of the projector that adds several improvements to the formula.

Instead of a small can-like design, the Freestyle 2023 is tower-shaped, which Samsung says makes it blend in better in any type of room. Inside, the projector now has three lasers, similar to other ultra-short-throw projectors that are becoming more popular as large TV replacements. It also has Edge Blending technology, which can connect two Freestyle 2023 projectors together for a brighter, wider projection.


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