PSA: Pixel phones automatically turn into wireless charging pads when plugged in

Google Pixel 7 Green

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority
  • Pixel phones automatically turn wireless charging on when plugged in.
  • The feature is said to work for the Pixel 5 and up.
  • The battery has to be above 20% before it activates.

Google’s Pixel phones have had the ability to wirelessly charge other devices since 2020. However, you had to manually turn the reverse charging feature on. But you may not have known that some Pixels can turn wireless charging on automatically when plugged in.

Some Reddit users are discovering that their Pixel phones are doubling as wireless charging pads. It may not be common knowledge, but when a Pixel 5 or higher is plugged in, the handset automatically turns wireless charging on. That means you don’t have to toggle the reverse charging setting on, it just activates itself when plugged in.


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