Pixel Watch BoM report reveals the actual cost of Google’s smartwatch

A Google Pixel Watch rests on a lava rock displaying the Utility watch face with a Fitbit shortcut.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority
  • A new report has revealed the bill of materials cost of the LTE model of the Google Pixel Watch.
  • It costs Google $123 to make its LTE smartwatch, $276 less than the retail price.
  • Samsung appears to be the leading contributor to the overall cost of the device.

It’s always interesting to learn how much something costs to make compared to its retail price. For example, did you know that it cost Samsung $533 to make the $1,199 128GB Galaxy S21 Ultra? Well, thanks to a new report, we now know how much it costs Google to make the LTE version of the Pixel Watch.

According to a bill of materials report from global industry analysis firm Counterpoint, the LTE-capable Pixel Watch costs Google $123 to make. This version of the Pixel Watch sold for $399 at launch. If you’re counting, that’s about $276 less than the retail price.


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