Oura Ring vs Whoop: A faceless fitness tracker face off

An Oura Ring 3 and Whoop 4 rests side by side on a wooden surface.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

In a market full of flashing screens, animation, and on-device interaction, the Oura Ring and Whoop bands stand apart. Neither ecosystem features a display, but both pack a lot of tools into a wearable device. To find out which of these fitness trackers is right for you, we compare Oura Ring vs Whoop in specs, features, and more.

Oura Ring vs Whoop


The most obvious similarity between Whoop bands and Oura Rings is their lack of a display. This allows for minimalist accessories that blend into users’ day-to-day without calling attention to their tracking goals. They’re also both carefully designed with jewelry cues to ensure an elegant impression. More importantly, neither will distract you during a meeting with alerts and prompts, or wake you by lighting up a dark room. On the other hand, neither offers notifications, real-time workout metrics, or even the current time.


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