New app replicates a Pixel Launcher feature you can use on any Android phone

the google pixel 5a home screen showing a close up of the google search bar

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority
  • The Pixel Search app is a third-party launcher that mimics the Pixel Launcher.
  • The app offers a few options that aren’t present in the Pixel Launcher.
  • Pixel Search allows you to almost get the full Pixel Launcher experience on any Android device.

Between all of the third-party apps, there are plenty of launchers to choose from. However, those launchers don’t quite offer the experience Google’s Pixel Launcher delivers. The only problem is that the Pixel launcher is exclusive to Pixel devices. But a new app aims to change that.

A new app called Pixel Search recently launched in the Google Play Store. First spotted by Mishaal Rahman, the app is the latest creation from Rushikesh Kamewar — known for apps like Pinned Shortcuts, Privacy Dashboard, and One Click Lock Screen. This freshly launched app is designed to mimic the Pixel Launcher search experience so other Android users can enjoy the feature.


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