I’m training for a 250K race with an Apple Watch Ultra. It’s perfect.

apple watch ultra on top of a book

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Opinion post by
Dhruv Bhutani

I’m not an athlete. Far from it, I grew up as the stereotypical chubby geek obsessed with computers over sports. That changed a few years back when I decided to take charge of my health and fitness. Fast forward to today, and I’m training for a 250K race across Jordan. Over the last six months, my constant companion in training for this race has been the Apple Watch Ultra. Here’s why I picked Apple’s smartwatch over everything else on the market.

I know what you’re about to say. Why the heck would I use an Apple Watch over some of the best fitness watches like those by Garmin or, say, a Coros for a grueling two-hundred-and-fifty-kilometer race? Critically, those fitness watches can go up to a month or more on a single charge, offer a wealth of fitness data, and have the sporty looks to go with that.


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