How many Android devices are on Android 13? Fewer than Android 11, unfortunately

Android 13 stock photos 9

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • The latest Android 13 distribution numbers show that its growth is outpacing Android 12.
  • However, Android 11 still has the biggest piece of the pie, with 23.5% of Android devices on this version.
  • Samsung’s robust software support commitments are likely helping a lot with Android adoption.

Years ago, Google used to disclose Android distribution numbers on a regular basis publicly. However, the company stopped the practice and now dishes out updates sporadically on no apparent schedule.

Today, the latest numbers are in (via 9to5Google). What’s most interesting about this new chart is the Android 13 distribution percentage. According to Google’s data, 12.1% of Android devices are on Android 13. This is a huge increase over January 2023 which saw just 5% of devices on the latest stable version of Android.


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