Google is luring users to the Pixel Fold by overpaying for trade-ins

  • Google is offering incentives and trade-in offers to buy the Pixel Fold.
  • The company is trying to convince people to switch to the Pixel Fold by overpaying for trade-ins.
  • Trade-in values are higher than what Apple, Samsung, or third-party trade-in services are offering.

Google finally officially revealed the Google Pixel Fold during its Google I/O conference. The Mountain View-based firm seems keen to win people over with the Fold. It appears Google is even willing to overpay for trade-ins to get customers to buy in.

With the new foldable ready to launch next month, Google has opened up pre-orders for the device. Unfortunately, it will cost a pretty penny, starting at $1,799. Aware that this is a lot to ask for, Google is tossing in a free Pixel Watch. But, if that’s not enough, there’s another incentive that might interest you.


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