Google Calendar on Android may finally let you set up custom birthday reminders

Google Calendar stock photo 4

  • A new feature was discovered hiding in the Android Google Calendar app.
  • The feature allows the user to create customizable birthday reminders.
  • It appears that the feature is still in development.

The Google Calendar app is a great way to remember the birthdays of all your friends and family. However, it only notifies you the day of the birthday, which isn’t ideal if you want to prepare for the day by purchasing a gift or throwing an event. But it looks like Google Calendar could become more helpful in that respect in the near future.

In the development version of Google Calendar, a user who goes by @AssembleDebug on Twitter discovered a new feature hiding in the app. By changing a few flags in the 2023.08.2-511758217 version of the app, you can trigger new UI elements that allow you to quickly add new birthdays and create custom notifications.


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