Google Bard vs Bing Chat: What’s the difference and which one to use?

Stock photo of Bing Chat on phone 2

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

In an unexpected turn of events, Microsoft beat Google to the punch in the AI chatbot race when it announced Bing Chat in early 2023. Even though Google teased its LaMDA language model several years prior, it hadn’t revealed plans for a public-facing product yet. But the search giant took little time to respond after Microsoft’s announcement and its Bard AI chatbot now competes directly vs Bing Chat.

Neither chatbot has escaped controversy, with Bard making a critical error during its debutant demo. Bing Chat, meanwhile, appeared confrontational to some users in its early days. Still, that doesn’t take away from their impressive capabilities and potential upgrade over ChatGPT. But with two similar choices available, you may be wondering — does one work better than the other? Let’s break down the differences between Google Bard and Bing Chat.


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