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The time wherein applications and websites were built only using JS, HTML, SCSS has passed. Today, front-end apps are a showpiece for your business because it is something that the user sees and can work with. The front-end application must be fast, secure, able to support poor-quality internet connection as well as different screen resolutions, and above all provide first-class user experience.

In designing front-end applications we have various frameworks to choose from, such as React, Vue, Angular, just to mention a few, that provide speed and good user experience. These applications also let developers work effectively so that the application can be created fast while maintaining good quality and the possibility of long-term use.

For many years, Facebook’s React had been a king of modern web frameworks. In recent times, the trend changed. Many engineers nowadays prefer Vue.js over React with Vue also garnering more stars on Github. Vue allows for faster, more intuitive web development as compared to React. However, both Vue and React are very similar and shine especially for smaller projects such as MVPs or prototypes.

For corporate web applications, we have observed that Angular 2 is a better solution because it offers a uniform way of doing things that is important for big and extensive web projects. It also allows for a faster on-boarding of new engineers to the system. Many big firms we work with very recently prefer using Angular over React or Vue.

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