Frankenstein’s earbuds would sound monstrously good

Nothing Ear 1, OnePlus Buds Pro, Sony LinkBuds WF-L900, and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Credit: Thomas Triggs / Android Authority

Despite frequently hopping between some of the best wireless earbuds, I still don’t feel like I’ve found my perfect pair. It’s not that any models I’ve used are bad in their own right. It’s more that I like each of them for different and specific reasons. Between the Samsung, Sony, and other buds at my disposal, I have an orchestra full of features that I enjoy. But it’s a pain having to switch between buds when I want to experience the best of a particular functionality.

But what if I could somehow take them apart and put all of their best qualities together? With their high-end features combined, they’d make for an impressive set of earbuds indeed. Maybe then I could have all of the features I’m looking for all in one place. Strange though it is, Frankenstein’s earbuds would sound monstrously good. Here’s what they should look like.


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