Crazy person installs Wear OS on 2016 Galaxy Gear S3 because why the heck not?

  • A developer has installed Wear OS on the Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier.
  • The 2016 smartwatch originally shipped with Samsung’s Tizen OS.
  • Lots of stuff is broken, and battery life is “poor,” so this isn’t going to breathe new life into your old watch.

In 2018, Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch. It was the first from the brand not to use the “Gear” branding it had adopted up until that point. In 2016, for example, its flagship smartwatch was the Samsung Galaxy Gear S3.

That watch shipped with Samsung’s own Tizen OS. Early Gear watches shipped with Android Wear, but Samsung abandoned that operating system pretty quickly. Fast forward to today, though, and we have the Galaxy Watch 4, which is the first (and only) Samsung watch with Wear OS.


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