Complex Backend System

Most web and mobile applications need the back-end service for proper operation. The choice of back-end technology is crucial for the entire system because it affects its speed, operating costs and reliability. A properly designed and built back-end ensures transaction security and protection of its users’ data. An important aspect of the back-end system is its database. The choice of database, relational or non-relational, and its design affect the speed of a given application, security and the possibility of extension in the future. A properly designed system should also have a well-designed and documented API so that integration with web and mobile applications is as efficient as possible.

Back-end is often considered a more difficult part of an IT system than Front-end. The way things work, the logic vs the outlook are what piques our interest. We have a passion for algorithms, math and data structures. Some of us have participated in national and international algorithmic contests and enjoy problem-solving challenges, even after hours.


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