Carl Pei reviews the OnePlus 11, calls it ‘beautiful’ but has ‘no real identity’

  • OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has released a OnePlus 11 review.
  • Carl Pei has a lot of good things to say about the “beautiful” phone but laments that it has “no real identity.”
  • Pei also is confused by why Oxygen OS is so different now.

Carl Pei is the co-founder of OnePlus, but has since moved on to his own company, called Nothing. Previously, Carl dipped his toes into the world of smartphone reviews by checking out the latest iPhone. Now he’s back with a very interesting review of the latest phone from his former company: the OnePlus 11. To catch up on what you can expect from this phone, be sure to read our own OnePlus 11 review first.

In the 12-minute long OnePlus 11 review video (which you can watch above), Carl goes over his reactions to the hardware and software of the phone. At first, he has a lot of nice things to say. He calls the device “beautiful” and talks about the details of its design that most consumers might look over. This includes the subtle textures of the camera module and how the edges of the phone make it appear to be thinner than it actually is.


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