Arm sets up legal showdown with Qualcomm, Nuvia (Update: New counterclaim)

ram chips on a motherboard

  • Chip tech company Arm has filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm and Nuvia.
  • Arm asserts that the two companies violated license agreements and committed trademark infringement.
  • In its suit, Arm is seeking the destruction of certain Nuvia designs, an injunction against trademark infringement, and compensation.

Update: October 28, 2022 (4:16 PM ET): According to SemiAnalysis, Qualcomm has updated its counterclaim to state that Arm plans to no longer license its CPUs to semiconductor companies, like Qualcomm, under technology license agreements (TLAs) starting in 2024. Instead, Qualcomm says that Arm is planning to only license to device makers so the only way for OEMs to get ARM chips is to accept Arm’s new licensing terms.

Additionally, Qualcomm is claiming that Arm is telling OEMs that semiconductor manufacturers won’t be able to provide other elements, like GPUs, NPUs, and ISPs, of Arm-based SOCs that Arm also offers as a licensed product. The counterclaim appears to hint that ARM is engaging in anti-competitive behavior.


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