Apple Mac Mini M2 review: Is the cheapest Mac worth it?

Let’s cut to the chase: the Apple Mac Mini M2 is a bargain. For just $600 — $100 less than its predecessor, no less — you’re getting a compact computer that melts the competition. It has the honor of being the first desktop machine to adopt Apple’s second-generation silicon. Yet while there will no doubt be M2 iMacs, M2 Max Mac Studios, and more, the Mac Mini M2 will remain the value king. If you only want a current-generation powerhouse macOS machine for the cheapest price, then you’re probably already sold. But with an all-new M2 Pro-powered model available for more than twice the price and M2-flavored laptops offering greater flexibility, Apple’s little engine that could is a more complex proposition than its humble appearance and entry-level price tag might suggest. Find out if it’s the Mac of choice for you in this Apple Mac Mini M2 review.

About this Apple Mac Mini M2 review: I tested the M2 Mac Mini (8GB/256GB) over a period of three weeks. It was running macOS Ventura throughout the testing period. The unit was purchased by Android Authority for this review.

What you need to know about the Apple Mac Mini M2

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