Ad blocking in Chrome is safe again — at least for now

Google Chrome logo stock photo 1

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Google’s plan to phase out Manifest V2 has been postponed.
  • The delay is due in part to developer community outcry.
  • The delay will allow ad block extensions to continue working for a bit longer.

After Google announced a collection of changes — known as Manifest V3 — coming to the Chrome extensions platform last week, there was concern that this would be the end for ad blockers. But a recent decision by Google to delay its plans may have given your favorite ad blocker some extra time.

After a fair amount of backlash from the developer community, led by developers of ad blockers, Google has decided to review its plans for the depreciation of Manifest V2 extension support. Google has now postponed its schedule to help iron out some of the kinks these developers may have when it’s time for migration.


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