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Smartphones are one of the most essential technologies nowadays. That is why a mobile app can make your business accessible to millions of users. For your application to be successful, it must be intuitive, fast, practical, and above all, easy to use. Our experts carry out the process of creating applications, from the design to clickable prototypes that will help understand the needs of the market and its potential users. After this, they incrementally provide subsequent parts of the application so that you, our client, have continuous insight and can take part in its creation. The choice of technology between Native or Cross-platform solutions is substantial when designing the application. On cross-platforms solutions such as React Native, Cordova, or Flutter, the application is created simultaneously on both Android and IOS resulting in reduced time and costs. However, native solutions have certain advantages over cross-platform, so it is encouraged to make the decision at the very beginning.

When the application is ready, it is then deployed to the Play Store (Android) and the App Store (IOS).

Our recommendation for cross-platform solutions is to use Flutter which is Google’s counterpart to Facebook’s React Native. It has been stable since December 2018 and is quickly gaining popularity in the mobile community. We have also observed that app development is much faster with Flutter compared to Cordova or React Native which is very important especially for the MVP stage or a quick prototype. You can read more about Flutter here.


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