DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure

Software development is a multi-stage process that also connects specialists from various fields. DevOps allows us to look at the product from a broader perspective and monitor the production process from the beginning. Our team uses the best DevOps practices such as continuous integration and delivery, micro-service architecture, collaboration, and communication that will allow us to shorten the software development cycle. We are able to increase the frequency of release, thus introduce faster improvements and innovations in response to the rapid change of market needs. Automation makes it possible to effectively manage, maintain, and ensure the reliability of complex systems because each release can be tested automatically. Through DevOps, developers and operational teams can work closely together in exchanging knowledge and sharing responsibilities, which allows for more efficient work and quicker results.

We have hugely experienced DevOps specialists in our team and network. One of us has worked for a Node.js foundation, helping them scale their infrastructure to millions of downloads a week – which is pretty challenging yet rewarding.


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